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RSA Retail Savings Bonds are investments with the Government of South Africa which earns a variable, fixed or inflation linked interest for the term of the investment.

RSA Retail Savings Bonds have been designed to be as accessible as possible for the general public to invest their money, while earning secured and market related returns on their investments.

There are three different types of RSA Retail Savings Bonds on offer:

  • • Fixed Rate RSA Retail Savings Bond
  • • Inflation Linked RSA Retail Savings Bond
  • • RSA Retail Savings Top-up Bond

All individuals who are citizens or permanent residents of the Republic of South Africa and in possession of a valid South African identity number, and who have a bank account with any financial institutions in the Republic, are eligible to purchase RSA Retail Savings Bonds. Persons under the age of 18 must receive parental consent in writing before investing in RSA Retail Savings Bonds, unless such persons are married or have been granted majority status in accordance with the provisions of the Age of Majority Act, 1972 (Act No. 57 of 1972).